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Helping businesses take on complex issues

Clients have trusted GlobalVest's management and consulting services for over 15 years.  Our insight, knowledge and market-leading capabilities help our clients be ready for what's next.

As a trusted, long-term partner, GlobalVest works side-by-side with our clients, offering expert, objective advice to aid their most dynamic and complex problems.

Our approach to management consulting combines over 100 years of management expertise in the financial services, energy, technology and real estate industries with strong capabilities in strategy, organization, analysis and operations.  By leveraging our expertise and flexibility, GlobalVest anticipates, identifies and addresses our clients' specific needs while looking for smart applications of our management consulting solutions in the future.

Meeting your goals

GlobalVest is a committed partner not only to our clients, but also to the institution of capitalism in America, the communities in which we live, and the global community.  We apply our management consulting capabilities to help clients in a number of ways.

  • Advise and/or direct clients in corporate structure, accounting and taxation, and complex legal workouts
  • Participate with clients to make clear, informed decisions
  • Streamlining operations
  • Long term growth and/or exit strategy
Advancing our Clients

We also work with client organizations focused on improving and advancing corporate America.  Together, we conduct studies, convene experts and stakeholders, and generate reports to proffer ideas that help corporate leaders take strides forward in achieving their goals.

Improving our World

Beyond management consulting, GlobalVest takes its role as a U.S. corporate consultant very seriously. Improving our world is fundamental to our firm -- volunteerism, corporate fundraising, philanthropy, or activating the business community through service to the community.

Building on our Experience

Building on our experience across the financial services industry and corporate operations, our staff has access to extensive backgrounds in investment banking, capital markets, regulatory oversight and expertise in advising corporations/managers.  We understand our clients' objectives, which allow us to create innovative approaches to some of their most challenging problems, such as legal matters, capitalization/use of proceeds, expansion of product lines, building management for growth and new product development.

Our Capabilities

GlobalVest's broad experience gained from working in the financial, technology, oil and gas, real estate and private equity sectors, combined with deep functional knowledge, provides the insight and understanding to help our corporate clients meet the challenge of maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the U.S. financial system.  Our services include:
  • Direct participation with client companies' management and board of directors
  • Corporate finance, capitalization structure
  • Advice regarding development of legal, compliance and/or taxation strategies
  • Contract advice, deal structure
  • Cost controls, budget formation
  • Shareholder relations
  • Administration
Economic and Business Analysis

Underlying every problem that our clients face are economic choices; budget and resource trade-offs.  GlobalVest offers methodologies and proven analytics that deliver the decision-ready information for:
  • Sensible contract and management choices
  • Justifying funding, managing budgets and costs
  • Control programs, analyzing performance, ensuring compliance, and mitigate risks
Business and Economic Analysis offers clients capabilities and services drawn from three major areas:Economic Analysis, Financial Resource Management, and Management Controls:
  • Our professionals support optimizing capacity, capability development and acquisition decisions.
  • Our professionals support the functions of money management, focusing on fiscal planning, budgeting, and execution; improvements and compliance in business operations; we identify financial and operations risk; and strengthening internal controls.
  • Our professionals guide in focusing on contracts, earned value management, and performance reporting.
Combining our special personal consulting approach with guidance in initially developing the right team for our clients, GlobalVest delivers full services to corporate directors and management to assist in making smart decisions throughout the life of the projects and growth.

We offer clients targeted, customized services designed to meet corporate and project needs no matter how complex (or simple).  Services includes Strategy, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Cost Estimation, Investment Analysis, Economic Analysis, Financial Management Process and Systems improvement, Financial Management Operations, Program Performance, Legal/Risk Mitigation, Contracting Strategy and Execution.

Our professional staff apply these and many other capabilities and services to issues, concerns, and problems in a broad array of industries, including financial, energy, real estate and technology.  Within these sectors, investments that we have advised are real property and facilities, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and corporate roll-ups.

Financial Regulatory Reform

President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) into law on July 21, 2010, approving the most far-reaching overhaul of our nation's financial regulatory system since the Great Depression.  Dodd-Frank seeks to restore responsibility and accountability in our financial system, implements measures to increase financial stability in the financial services industry, and calls for greater protections for both consumers and investors.  The Act will transform the duties and powers of the financial regulatory community, will have wide-ranging impacts on financial industry participants, and will reorganize the U.S. financial regulatory infrastructure.

GlobalVest's consulting team offers strategy, operations, technology, and advanced analytics to a wide variety of companies and institutions.  We point clients in the right direction in numerous areas of financial regulatory reform, oversight and supervision of capital markets, guidance to hiring management, legal and accounting firms, as well as other required industry specialists.

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