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Founded in 1997, GlobalVest Corporation (the “Company”), with offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Sacramento, provides consulting and administrative services to emerging growth companies and private equity fund managers. 

Consulting and Administrative Activities

GlobalVest Corporation is a business consultant to corporations and start up companies seeking advice regarding corporate goals and their implementation; including finance structure, board of directors, capital structure, business contracts and shareholder relations.  Advice to consulting clients may be further related to: corporate structure, methods of record keeping, building the client company’s value, cost cutting, management practices and guidelines, marketing strategy and evaluating general business trends.  Services are generally provided by the Company on a best efforts basis.  Compensation to the company for services rendered is in the form of cash and/or equity incentives to the Company related directly to the clients shareholder value, growth or success.

A principal philosophy of the Company is to provide full service business consulting and certain administration services while keeping low overhead.  The consulting agents for the Company, including officers and directors, are primarily paid a direct percentage of consulting revenues generated as independent contractors to client companies.

The Company is not registered as a Broker-Dealer, Registered Investment Advisory, Insurance Company, or Real Estate Agent and therefore does not engage in the selling of securities, and/or receive commissions or Registered Investment Advisory fees for securities sales, real estate, or insurance transactions.

The Company has serviced several consulting/administrative clients including energy, technology, financial services and real estate companies.  Each has a consulting and/or administrative agreement with the Company consisting of a possible combination of cash and stock/equity incentives.
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